Who is behind SPWA? 

The SPWA web application has been produced in conjunction with Amber Valley School Sport Partnership (AVSSP) and TEC I.T. Ltd.
AVSSP have been in existence since 2006 and have worked with schools developing PE and School Sport for nearly 10 years, having been involved in the process of monitoring and evaluation back in the days of PESSCL and PESSYP. TEC I.T. Ltd are a leading software systems company based in Derby who specialise in developing high quality computing systems and I.T. solutions.
AVSSP bring to the table all the groundwork and evidence that is required for producing the school reports for Ofsted, Governors etc and TEC I.T Ltd are the clever ones who make it all work! 

What is the Sport Premium Web App? 

The SPWA is a tool that allows schools to input and track data around PE and School Sport. Templates have been created for generic participation and engagement, along with staff and student surveys. 

Why has this product been created? 

Sport Premium basically. We have had a number of schools in Amber Valley, Derbyshire who are requesting reports showing the impact that Sport Premium has had on their school. 

What does this system do? 

Live reporting is one of the key features of the SPWA. You can pick up reports at the touch of a button and export PDFs for easy viewing. You can also compare past years and show the progress your school has made. 
The system also offers the opportunity for staff to view and submit feedback on their development too. 

What reports will I see?

Once data has been submitted, schools can then click on their report which will be available in PDF downloads for you to print, file etc. 

What is this data useful for? 

Schools have the data to hand but never before had a process in which to evidence what is undertaken. You now have full control of when to pass on reports to Governors, Ofsted inspectors etc.

Will this satisfy Ofsted? 

It will be part of the satisfaction. The SPWA can track back 3 years so will allow you to submit data retrospectively and subsequently see changes over the years. You should also consider your assessment on young people and how they have progressed. We are considering features for assessment in future developments. 

I don’t know how to use the computer, how difficult is it? 

The SPWA is a simple tool and has been developed for ease, speed and efficiency. We appreciate how busy schools are so this system keeps paper work and process to a minimum. 

So what do I have to do? 

Keep on top of your data. You can submit data at any point, you can half fill out the survey and click SAVE. You can revisit this at any point. You can also change data throughout. 

What else does the SPWA do? 

We have added additional sections on to the SPWA. One is to measure the impact of the staff, so if a practitioner is in school and supporting your staff ensure that your staff complete the survey afterwards. This can be done for teaching or coaching blocks or twilights, inset or courses. 

Is SPWA finished or developing? 

Our product will continue to develop as the inevitable goal posts move. Being involved on the ground allows us to understand the complexities that are required from you as a school and therefore report back appropriately. If you think of some additions then please let us know and send them through, we can then consider these in our product development meetings. 

Do I need to answer all the questions? 

No, you only need to answer those specific to the reports. The other data being asked will link to the national mark for PE and School Sport so you can see where you can apply for the bronze, silver or gold mark. All questions on the staff and pupil questionnaire require answers.