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"The system is a fast and efficient way to report on our Sport Premium.
It provides me with instant feedback and is a good resource for Ofsted and Governors.
I can use the data to plan for my subject area and thankfully I donĀ¹t have to be an IT expert to use it too!"

K. Turner, PE Coordinator, Swanwick Primary

"This system works because it is fast, user friendly and requires minimum IT knowledge.
It's power to prove impact on the spend is evident and a great resource to have as a headteacher"

M. Crawford, Headteacher, Richardson Primary

"I've used the system to collate the information across my School Sport Partnership area which has enabled me to plan more effectively with the schools.
The instant and live data is really useful for schools who have been requesting a system like this for a while"

I. Gee, South Derbyshire SSP